the girl’s 100 Q & A

an interview with myself, asking and answering stupid things and serious things
Q1. Why are you not using your name as your label? A1. Because I'm not sure whether my girlish first name suits me and also because both my first name and family name are very common. Q2. Where does "Minus Sun" come from? A2. It sounds like "-3" in Japanese, which then sounds like "Maeda-san". I used to mishear my surname whenever the Math tutor said it. Q3. Do you like your name after all? A3. No, I'm bored. But I don't want to confuse people by having another name either. Q4. Do you like sunshine? A4. "Minus Sun" actually represents one of my notable aspect, not liking sunshine. I don't open my curtains ever. It's just too bright for me. Let it be night all the time. Q5. Why do you stick to handicraft? A5. Because I don't need to go out to make my work. Q6. Do you like writing? A6. Yes, it's important for me to have a good narrative for each project since I want my work to have a meaning on its own even before the wearer adds memories. Q7. Where does your inspiration come from? A7. It comes from handicraft books, films, lingerie, and my fantasy. Q8. Where did your girl illustration come from? A8. It's supposed to be a ball-jointed doll, like in Hans Bellmer's work. And I gave it my wide-set eyes with my beauty spot as well. Q9. Do you ever get tired of working? A9. I dread doing illustrations. Q10. Where do you have the clothes made? A10. So far, I do everything by myself. Q11. What will you do instead if you can't make things? A11. I will try to become a translator for writing subtitles for films. Q12. What are you good at other than making things? A12. I have been playing the flute since 14 years ago so it's not bad. Also, my handwriting is quite neat. It's called handtyping. Q13. What was(is) your dream? A13. It's been to become; artist→stationer→hairdresser→interior coordinator→fashion designer. Now my dream is to have my own little shop and keep making stuff. Q14. What is your favourite fashion brand? A14. I buy the clothes I like so it's hard for me to say...UNIQLO? Q15. What is your favourite word? A15. "saccharine" This was the other idea I had for my label. Q16. What is the top 3 important things in your life? A16. watching films(I give stars after watching), pursuing my dream, and pleasure Q17. How would people describe you? A17. reliable, honest, mysterious, have strong eyes Q18. What do people often say to you? A18. "Are you okay?""You look white." Q19. What phrase do you often say? A19. "I am not okay.""Nice legs." Q20. Who is the most important person for you? A20. That will be my brother who is 2 years younger. It's been a famous fact around us since junior high school that we are amazingly close. Q21. What is your mother like? A21. She is like a child and expresses her feelings innocently. I can't think of anything motherly about her(has she given me a lecture ever?). Q22. What is your father like? A22. He is really smart and knowledgeable about many things but how he behaves is naturally funny. The contrast kills me. Q23. What is your brother like? A23. He is a cute little thing, maybe the most eccentric one in our family. He has our mum's childlike innocence and our dad's quirkiness. Q24. What is your position in the family? A24. I'm the most normal one. I entertain my family the most but I'm not gifted like the rest of my family, who don't need a sense of humour to make people laugh. Q25. What's your star sign? A25. Aquarius. I like horoscopes, palm reading, and all that stuff (not that I believe in them, I just like giving meanings to things). Q26. What is your favourite part of your body? A26. My tiny hands. In fact, I have never met an adult with smaller hands than mine. Q27. What kind of girl is your type? A27. petite, doll faced girls with dark hair and fair skin Q28. What kind of boy is your type? A28. intelligent boys who are clean Q29. What is your favourite part of a female body? A29. collar bones, legs, breasts... Q30. What is your favourite part of a male body? A30. I don't look at men unless they're looking at me. Q31. What is your favourite colour? A31. It has been green for the last 15 years so I doubt it'll change again. Q32. Where are your favourite places? A32. I like my castel(my room) the most. Then of course haberdashery shops are like heaven for me. I also like bookshops, chemist's, stationer's and airports. Q33. Who are your favourite artists? A33. Henry Darger, Micheal Gondry, Hans Bellmer, Michal Chelbin...there must be more Q34. What are your favourite films? A34. Science Of Sleep, Amelie, In Bruge, Bunny and the Bull...there must be more Q35. Who's your favourite actress? A35. I see anything with Kirsten Dunst or Kristen Stewart in it. Q36. Who's your favourite actor? A36. Jim Carrey! Q37. Who do you listen to? A37. Tokyo Incidents, Tegan and Sara, Kaki King, Au Revoir Simone Q38. Which magazines do you read? A38. I have "So-en" sent from my mum every month. Other than that, I buy the ones with free gifts. Q39. What is your favourite musical? A39. Les Miserables, I love "Castle on a Cloud" and "On My Own". I'm intrigued by the character Eponine and her baker hat as well. Q40. Are you emotional or rational? A40. I'm super rational but I'm sensitive and often nervous as well. My default mood is melancholy so don't worry if I look unhappy, I'm fine. Q41. Do you have tattoos or piercings? A41. No, I never had any including ear piercings but I do temporary tattoos, such a kid. I might have been a good surgeon with my skills but I'm really squeamish. Q42. Do you smoke? 42. I don't and I don't support smokers but I find the act of rolling a cigarette sexy so I practiced and learnt how to do it, haha. Q43. Are you sadistic or masochistic? A43. I'm team S. Q44. When do you feel romantic? A44. When I'm on a night bus alone, looking outside from the window. Q45. Do you cry? A45. I cry a lot, not because I'm sad or moved but mostly because of stress. Q46. How do you cope with stress? A46. I go jogging but I can't get rid of it until the factor is gone. Q47. What's the best thing someone said to you? A47. "It's not possible to get tired of you." Q48. What's the worst thing someone said to you? A48. "You're slow." Q49. Do you like clubbing? A49. I can't dance, can't drink, or speak loudly. So...I hate it, but I wish I liked it. Q50. Which football team do you support? A50. I don't care. Q51. What are you scared of? A51. insects, horror films, and people Q52. What's in your bag? A52. wallet, oyster card, diary, pen case, business cards, tissue, bodyform or always products, lip balm, umbrella Q53. What's in your wallet? A53. money, credit cards, loyalty cards, receipts, a condom, plasters, fortune slips, Candy Bar paper dollars(it's for tipping the dancers but I keep it for good luck) Q54. What's in your pocket? A54. keys, mobile, ipod Q55. Do you have a good habit? A55. I keep my word and promises. I don't use bad words. Q56. Do you have a bad habit? A56. not eating properly, random waking up time and bed time, shutting myself in my room, leg shaking, etc. Q57. What will make a good present for you? A57. nail polish, exciting socks & tights, luxurious knitting yarns, or food Q58. What will make a bad present for you? A58. flowers, character goods, and handcream(I have 3 unopened ones from my friends) Q59. Which is the most important one, rice, bread or pasta? A59. Potatoes. Q60. What do you eat for breakfast? A60. I like eating cakes in the morning, or anytime. Q61. What are your favourite foods? A61. all kinds of sweets and snacks, potatoes, garlic, mayonnaise, cheese Q62. What is your favourite chocolate? A62. I think it's bueno or nutella(?). Q63. Is there a food you can't eat? A63. Many...mushrooms, aubergines, mangetouts, runner beans, radish, shellfish, skin&fat of meat, wasabi, mustard etc. Q64. What is your favourite drink? A64. I like milk, because I'm a baby, and grapefruit juice because I'm an adult. Q65. Is there a drink you can't drink? A65. I can't drink beer, wine, coffee or fizzy drinks. Quite limited. Q66. What do you order in a cafe? A66. Something to do with chocolate or caramel. Q67. How do you have your tea? A67. I usually have it without anything because that's how I like it but I add a lot of milk and a spoon of honey when I feel like indulging myself especially. Q68. What is your favourite animal? A68. My brother is my favourite. I like cats, dogs, rabbits...all the cute things but I'm allergic to them. Q69. Are you particular about something? A69. I buy coloured toilet rolls only. White ones look coarse and remind me of normal paper somehow. Also, I only buy balm tissues. Q70. What time do you go to bed? A70. I hardly go to bed before 2am. I like to stay up late or until morning, and wake up around lunch time. Q71. What languages do you speak? A71. I only speak Japanese and English(my accent used to be American but it's closer to British now). Q72. How often do you travel? A72. I go back to Japan once a year and I travel abroad once a year as well. Q73. What is your favourite area in London? A73. I like Canary Wharf. I love a concrete jungle and I don't like parks. Q74. Which museum/gallery do you like the most? A74. I like Hayward Gallery because they choose playful themes and artists. Q75. Which is your favourite supermarket? A75. I like Waitrose just to feel a bit posh. Q76. What shampoo do you use? A76. I use Head&Shoulders or Herbal Essence because I like how they lather well. Q77. What is your favourite fragrance? A77. I'm not crazy about perfumes but I love burning incense. I like the vanilla scent. Q78. Do you like makeup? A78. Yes, it's like doing some art on my face. Just add colour. Q79. Do you wear heels? A79. I have a couple(only block or wedge) but I need more opportunity to wear them. Q80. What do you think of skinny trousers? A80. I don't like it on boys. Some girls look great but it's not for me due to my bottom where all my fat goes. Q81. What do you not wear? A81. sharp colours, things with studs, sharp heels, treggings, UGG boots Q82. What do you do when you find a spider in your room? A82. All the intruders go to the bin. Q83. What do you wear when you sleep? A83. Chanel No.5 would be nice but I wear non-matching pj's instead. Q84. Glasses or contact lenses? A84. My eyes don't need them most of the time but I wear glasses for theatres. Also I wear them when I'm tired, or as a fashion item. Q85. Do you like analogue clocks or digital clocks? A85. Analogue clocks. I like the visual and it's nice to see the second hand moving. Q86. What's your favourite game? A86. I like Minsweeper and Sudoku, I'm a fan of numbers. Q87. Do you do any gambling? A87. No, I'm taking enough risks already. Q88. Do you like the internet? A88. It's so important. I don't mind being alone but not having internet is too much, even for me. I need to be connected. Q89. How often do you use your mobile? A89. I use it maybe an average of once a day? The battery is often dead when I realise. Q90. What's your ring tone? A90. It's "Pachelbel's Canon"(aka Canon in D major). My other favourite classic songs are "Pavane for a Dead Princess", "Air on the G String", and "Gymnopedies". Q91. How do you keep warm in winter? A91. Drink hot tea, put a hottie on my lap, wrap a scarf around my neck, and turn the heating on. Actually, I don't mind cold weather. I have more problem with the heat. Q92. Who do you think you are? A92. I don't know, some kind of character. Q93. Where are you from? A93. I'm from the best country in the world. Q94. How do you want to die? A94. I wanted to die young and beautiful but it's too late for that. Q95. Do you celebrate Christmas? A95. I celebrate anything I can. Q96. Do you believe in Santa Claus? A96. Yes, but he stopped coming after I moved to UK. How strange. Q97. Do you believe in God? A97. I am my own god. Q98. What will you do if you win a lottery? A98. Have a beautiful girl by my side all the time. Q99. What will you do if you can use magic? A99. I want to be free from injury, disease, and tiredness. Q100. Where is this 100Q&A from? A100. I wrote all the questions myself as well as the answers. I don't have a habit of talking to myself though.
Thank you very much for reading. Don't hesitate to contact me if you have more questions, I'll make part 2(not joking).