06 04 2014

Selvedge Spring Fair 2014

I have exhibited at Selvedge Spring Fair this weekend at Chelsea Old Town Hall. I had a large space in the corridor and enjoyed showing my work: clothing, accessories, jewellery, cards, and books. Thank you very much to those who visited me. I hope you found something you like. My next mission is to open my online shop… In the meantime, if you’re interested in anything you see on my website/blog, feel free to get in touch.

selvedge (38)

selvedge (40)

selvedge (35)

selvedge (41)

selvedge (37)

selvedge (36)

selvedge (39)

03 12 2013

Selvedge Winter Fair 2013

Here are some photos of my stall at Selvedge Winter Fair which was held at Chelsea Old Town Hall 29th-30th November. There were so many exhibitors with exciting things. I wish I had more time to shop as a customer. Thank you very much to those who visited me there. Hope to see you soon at another event!

my simple display with jewellery, accessories, cards, books, and clothing
selvedge (26)

embroidered buntings and resin teardrops with sequins inside
selvedge (29)

handmade clothing all from “minus the sun, night all day” collection
and T-shirt with illustration of “You’re all mine. (You’re all in me.)” collection
selvedge (28)

jewellery and accessories on my shoe rack and character postcards on the table
selvedge (30)

embroidered calico crown and resin cufflinks
selvedge (32)

crocheted beaded silk rings and earrings
selvedge (33)

embroidered cuffs and crocheted beaded silk necklaces
selvedge (34)

crocheted lingerie set, greeting cards, fabric story books, and the printed edition
selvedge (27)

business cards and promotional postcards
selvedge (31)

26 03 2013

The Startup Showcase

Hello, I am still alive. I’ve been exhibiting at The Startup Showcase at Somerset House last weekend. It was part of a business course for entrepreneurs in the creative area so it had over 100 various businesses showcasing their products/services. Thank you very much to those who are visiting my blog after seeing me there. For other lovely people who are reading my blog, here are some images of my exhibit.

the front view of my stand
startup (9)

the clothing rail and shelf
startup (7)

close up of the clothing, all newly made this year
startup (6)

the embroidered story book and the fabric case for my cards
startup (11)

close up of the girl
startup (10)

the full view of the shelf
startup (12)

trapped embroidery resin earrings, hair slides, rings, and cufflinks
startup (4)

trapped embroidery resin buttons
startup (3)

stitched calico bracelets
startup (1)

crocheted silk beaded rings and earrings
startup (2)

crocheted jewellry pieces
startup (5)

the first floor corridor
startup (8)

11 11 2012

Selvedge Winter Fair 2012

I have exhibited at the Selvedge Winter Fair last Saturday. Thank you very much to those who came and are reading my blog now. Here are some photos of my stall if you’ve missed it. I was stood at my place all day and missed going to see other exhibitors…

My stitched price tags attracted much attention as usual.

A mini version of me perched on my business cards.
She was popular too.

Scarves, collars, and other crocheted items

hairslides and earrings

handmade buttons, my new sentence button sets seemed like a hit.

more resin jewellery, I love my glass cases with gold frames.

My shelf (it’s actually my shoe rack) is a useful thing.
Can you see my embroidered “Minus Sun” bunting at the back?

And here is the whole view without me wearing my fabric crown.

17 06 2012

Circus’s 2nd birthday

Last Friday, my stockist in Brixton Village, Circus, celebrated their second anniversary. Some of the artists who sell their works at Circus have created limited edition works for the occasion. I have used my leftover crowns and buntings from the Diamond Jubilee and used alphabet stamps to change them into Circus items. Also, I have designed/created a new version of the embroidered cuffs I do.

Here is the little section with my works.

This is Circus’s original item, 2nd anniversary jute bags.
I did the “circus” stamps in the shape of “2”, literally in the shop!

I think my buntings&crowns go really well with the jute bags and Circus itself.

And this is the new cuff celebrating their B-day.
It is embroidered “How old are you?” on one side and “Circus xx” on the other side.
I used a scrap of linen fabric I had which resembled cardboard(Circus is a shop made of cardboard) with the stripes and colour. I have made 10 of these, now sold in circus. Hope you like it.

03 04 2012

Selvedge Spring Fair 2012

I have exhibited at the Selvedge Spring Fair last Saturday. Thank you very much to those who came and are checking my blog now! For those who couldn’t make it to the fair, here are some photos I’ve taken.

This is my stall with jewellery and cards on the shelves, accessories and lingerie on the table, and garments on the clothing rail.

The shelf with jewellry and cards
Can you see my hand stitched price tags?

I have brought my handmade doll with me for display, leaning on the Minus Sun sign.

Greeting cards with photos of my work

accessories and lingerie


This is how it looked inside St. Augustine’s Church Hall.

11 12 2011

Selvedge Christmas Fair 2011

I have done Selvedge Christmas Fair on Saturday and here are some images from the lovely event. Thank you very much to those who came to visit the fair and are checking my blog now. I have never been to this area (Highgate/Archway) before but it looked nice with independent shops and cafes. I shall visit again to walk around when I’m not dragging my suitcase with a clothing rail on my back.

I might have had the widest range of products; clothing rail on the right with lots of clothes, accessories on the table and jewellery on the shelf. I’ve made some embroidered felt stars to decorate my table and your Christmas trees. This time I’ve made little cards that describe what the products are as well.

28 11 2011

Bust Magazine Christmas Craftacular

I had half a table at Bust Magazine Christmas Craftacular on Sunday at York Hall, Bethnal Green. Thank you very much to everyone who is checking out my blog now after finding me there. The fair was very busy and I found a couple of nice things from other vendors as well but I’m going to show you some photos of my stuff because it’s my favourite…

front view of my space

my shoe rack with jewellery and accessories

candy-like jewellery, embroidered fabric encased in resin

rings, embroidered cuffs, crocheted silk necklaces


display with glass cases, scarves, garters

I’m not sure if I’ve been here before but I loved the colour green of this room, a boxing venue, it seems to be.

29 10 2011

Handmade in Britain

I have been exhibiting at Handmade in Britain Chelsea show this weekend and I hope that some of you are looking at this post after seeing my work there! Here are the photos of my display.

My stall looking professional with wooden frames, a banner, spotlights and all.

One of my walls
The “I will be fine.” knickers at the bottom right has been bought by a customer who is planning to display it on her wall with my signature! I like to think that my work is art as well as fashion so I was very pleased.

I’ve made a fabric holder for my postcards and business cards. Not sure if it had any effect but my cards have been popular so that’s good too.

The lingerie sets on my other wall are attracting some serious attention. Girls and boys, they both like them!

11 10 2011

Renegade Craft Fair

I have done my first craft fair last weekend at The Old Truman Brewery. Thank you very much to everyone who came by and hope you felt attracted to my work!  My next craft fair will be at Handmade in Britain Chelsea, at Chelsea Old Town Hall, 28-30th October.

This is how my stall looked; clothing rail on the left and a table full of little things.

The things on my table cloth are replacable embroidered collars for the sailor style blouse.

The jewellery range

Very pretty glass cases I’ve got from a gift shop in Brighton at the weekend before the fair.

This gorgeous 1930s convex mirror is from an antique shop in Kingston.   I love the gold and the circle shape.

My postcards and business cards were popular so that’s good.  Many people signed up for my mailing list as well, thanks a lot.

I didn’t have time to make my own hangers so they are from John Lewis but I’ve put some ribbon I’ve got at a market in Brighton with my logo stamp on the edge.  Cute, very pleased.

Because I care about the details, I’ve done stitched price tags.

silk crocheted garters

embroidered collars, above with ribbon and thread embroidery, below with ribbon, thread, and beads

The character postcards from my story “YOU’RE ALL MINE (YOU’RE ALL IN ME)”

I’ve made matching envelopes with the garment illustration and stamps.  Stickers with a section from the story comes as well.